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Poetic Balance

21 day Sadhana of poems developed to enhance your capacity for introspection. Original Zen Art inspired by each poem is included to aid the reader in connecting with emotional healing.

Balanced Journaling

Instructional journal to aid in the aspect of expression and self actualization. This journal was specifically developed to be used with Poetic Balance for Introspection and Expression.

Art by Balancing B.E.E.M.S.

(Coming Soon) Zen Art inspired by Poetic Balance.

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“When the body becomes still, then the mind becomes still.” - Peter M. Lucas

If you are like me and don’t have hours to spend at the gym, you can use the proven high intensity training methods developed by scientist Izumi Tabata. He proved that a 15-minute routine can have the same impact as a 1 hour exercise program, keep you in a state of lifelong health and ensure that you still have time to live a balanced life.

If you are not yet ready for a deep dive into the Yogic Sciences, a great way to start is by sitting crossed legged and spending a few minutes each day in silence. This is a great way to align the spine, bring flexibility to the overall physical structure and ensure that you align your physical geometry to the universal principles that govern our existence.


“Energy flows where attention goes.” – Tony Robins

What could be more important to the trajectory of your life than what you give your attention? Time is not money, “Time is Energy”.

Here are 3 simple tips that you can use to manage your energy:

Rest: It is in fact important to get a good night’s rest. Every scientific experiment shows that we perform at our highest capacity with appropriate sleep.

Food: There is a direct correlation to the aspects of energy expended throughout the day and what you consume. Ensuring that you give a little bit of attention to what you are consuming will significantly impact your performance.

The Breath: Finding balance in the breath can also bring a sense of relaxation to the overall system. If you were to take a break every 2-3 hours, for a minimum of 10 minutes to do a specific breathing technique, you would see a dramatic increase in your productivity, quality of life and a reduced need for sleep.
Picture of Build your own computer
Picture of Build your own computer


“Authentic happiness is not linked to an activity; it is a state of being, a profound emotional balance struck by a subtle understanding of how the mind functions.” – Matthie Ricard

I have established two simple methods that have significantly aided in my recovery from a life of anxiety and anger to one of balance:

1. Poetic Balance: A book of 21 poems with abstract art influenced by each poem. You can use the poems as an aspect of introspection. It’s best that you read a poem each day, view the corresponding piece of art and contemplate your emotional response. This will aid in bringing a sense of clarity in dealing with deeply embedded aspects of the subconscious. The poems should not be read like you would read a book. They are meant to be digested as you would savour or contemplate other nourishing aspects of life.

2. Balanced Journaling: We have also created a journal with an outline for you to express the emotions that were triggered while reading the poems and viewing the art. By combining these two methods you can significantly enhance your capacity for self-actualization.


“You have power over your mind not outside events, know this and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

The mind is a room within rooms. You should never try to balance the mind. Say what? Yes I just said to leave the mind alone. If you want to maintain your sanity then the aspects of your mind can only be treated as you would muddy water. The more you mess with it the worse it gets. So you have to leave the water alone, let the sediments settle until it becomes clear. Same with the mind, you have to learn to leave it alone, an endless sense of strategizing, scheming, and self centeredness. Where has this taken you? Haven't you experienced it? The stress, anxiety, the muddled thoughts? Haven't you suffered enough? I know I have!

So how to leave the mind alone. Well the first thing you can do is to manage your Automatic, Negative, Thoughts (ANTS). Your subconscious is always listening in. Notice the words of the songs you listen to, who do you keep around you, what are they saying? What is the television telling you about yourself? Do you see your worth? Immediately, like right after reading these words, I beg you to include things into your life that will foster overall health and wellbeing for your mind. I post a poem, art and “balanced perspective” videos on my instagram each day. If you don’t yet have a source for inspiration and positivity please visit my page for some free “inspiration to action”.
Picture of Build your own computer
Picture of Build your own computer


“When the aspects of your being are aligned in one balanced direction, the universe conspires in your favor.”– Peter M. Lucas

When the Body, Energy, Emotions and Mind have become still, the aspects of Spirituality descends. This is what I call meditation.

How do we access this realm of spirituality, how do we in fact become meditative? Meditation to me is like grace. The grace that descends, it is a gift. You cannot get grace, it can only be given based on the circumstances that have been created. So too is the aspect of meditation. You become meditative when you have set the right conditions.

So how do we achieve this? How does one become meditative? What are the steps to achieve aspects of meditativeness? It's about aligning ourselves in a specific geometry.

This is Yoga!


Elevating human potential and growth through inspiration, introspection and practice. We take a customized approach to unleashing your talents. You will receive training and tools to achieve self-actualization and transformation.

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